In Memory


"Peggy Sue"

August 11th 1996 - December 18th 2001


Of all my dogs that have left me, Peggy Sue was the most painful to lose. In the prime of her life she died of  kidney failure. She contracted a severe case of Lymes disease and her kidneys could not cope, despite all our efforts to save her.

Peggy Sue had three litters with Espen and together they have produced 6 Champions and one CD title.  She has received her ROM (Register of Merit) award from NCA.


           Peggy was the best mother and would protect her babies even when they were bigger than herself. 

Peggy Sue and Sonja

She was very independent and confident. She had a special love for Espen and loved to stay close to him.  She loved to hunt and bring back whatever she could find in the forest. She used to run like the wind and nothing would stop her.  Her genes are very dominant and I see so much of her in her children and now grandchildren. 

Peggy Sue and Espen

She would always try and take her puppies for walks when they were very young, I think she wanted to teach them to hunt and be independent. Sonja was only ten weeks old when I saw Peggy Sue running off in the forest, turning around from time to time to make sure Sonja followed her. They became deaf to my calls!!!  

We planted a Norwegian spruce with her ashes and she has a very special place at Crossfields. Every Christmas she shines for us with her many lights!