Words can not describe the loss I felt when Espen left us. He was the core of the Kloofbears and is a part of nearly every dog I have.  I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and love that people have shown us after his passing. The impact he clearly had in the Newfie world has stunned us as e-mails, cards, flowers and loving gestures inundated us at Crossfields.


I have many memories of Espen which I will always hold close to my heart. When I first saw him, 8 weeks old, in Oslo, Norway I fell in love with him there and then and could not wait to welcome him to Crossfields.

8 weeks old

He came to us at 11 weeks old, so confident, always wagging his tail and stole all of our hearts  completely.

Espen 14 weeks old with Monica.

 Espen loved everyone and did  nothing but show his love to all he met. When he was about 1 year old I was asked to bring him to a book reading about a Newfoundland dog for children. He stood proudly by my side while the book was read and all the children watched him in awe. When the story was over the children were told that they could come and pat Espen, but no one dared to come to him because of his size. Espen stood there, watching the children and wagging his tail at them. As no one came close he suddenly laid down, still wagging his tail looking at all the children. One by one the children came up to him and before long he was surrounded by them. He must have felt that his size was intimidating the children and so without me saying a word, he lay down for them so they would feel more comfortable with him..

4 months old

During the 18 months when he was campaigned we traveled all over the east coast with him. While waiting in the group ring he would always seek out the children around the ring and walk close to them so they could pat him. He had a noble and majestic presence that would draw people to him.

Whenever we had people coming to the house he would be the first to greet them. He would rub his big head against them,  and even those who were not dog lovers would sometimes go home as converted Newfie lovers ;)

4 years old

As the years passed Espen stayed the "King of Crossfields". All his children and grandchildren had great respect for him. Puppies were fascinated by him but would walk respectfully in circles around him.

His one grandson that we kept this year would follow Espen everywhere, he would be by his side  and do what Espen did.  Espen seemed to like it and would tolerate his young grandson, while his granddaughter and nephew would be too rambunctious . Somehow I feel that Espen knew his grandson would be the one to take over after him.

Espen and Troy May 2005

10 years old


painted by artist Judith Abbe

The only tree that can resemble Espen is an oak.

Big, strong and solid.

We have planted an oak at Crossfields with his ashes.


His site will stay the same