In Memory

SA CH Kloofbear's Sea Smudger's Cub


June 3rd 1989 - February 1st 2001

Cuddles was my second Landseer and granddaughter of Lara. She was the only Landseer out of a litter of 11. She was a great show dog,  loved to travel and to show off :)

Cuddles was shown in the province of Natal and the province of Transvaal in South Africa. In those days there were only about 10 shows a year. In her show career she won 18 CC (challenge certificates) and  23 BOB.

Cuddles and me at a show

Cuddles never had a litter. We bred her several times but she did not want to be a mother, only go to shows!! When Espen was campaigned here in America, Cuddles was in the car long before we had started to pack for our trip, she was not going to lose out on a trip to a show! 

Cuddles is our Weeping Cherry tree. She only flowers for a few days each year, but when she flowers she does it in abundance!


Peggy Sue

Bella Tombi of Kloofbear