Evja and Chilly's Puppies

Evja gave birth to 10 Puppies on January 14th 2005

Just born

6 females and 4 males


Splash, Rocky and Mr Blue

Kenya came to visit and ran away with their food bowl!

       Miss Pink 17 lbs  "PANDA"

      Miss Yellow 13 lbs 8oz "NOVA"

Nova and Rocky's website   http://www.newfoundlands.com.au/

       Mr. Green 13 lbs 8oz  "ROCKY"

       Miss Orange 13 lbs 4oz  "Pippi"

      Mr Blue 17 lbs "Gordo"

        Mr Red  15 lbs "Jack"

    Miss Gold 16 lbs 8oz "CLOVER"


        Mr Lime 13 lbs "SPLASH"

     Miss White 17 lbs 8oz "LEELI"

     Miss Purple 13 lbs 8oz "Heide"