Evja and Troy

Just Born

7 Weeks Old

Time just flew, and I did not get a chance to take more photos of Evja's puppies. They are now 9 weeks old and most have left for their new homes. They visited the cardiologist last week and all passed with healthy, strong hearts.



Evja's puppies are clearly more attracted to water than any other puppies I have had. As she is a big water dog, her children have that very strong instinct as well. Mr. Red falls asleep in the water bowl, and will forever wade around the kiddy pool.

The Girls

Miss Yellow has become "Nenya" and is living in Canada. You can visit her at Piccolo Orso's website: www.piccolo-orso.com



Miss Pink, called "ROSIE", took a long trip over to Denmark where she will be living.


Rosie 3 months old



Miss White's name is "LILLY", and she is living in Connecticut.


The Boys


Mr. Purple, called "TIBUR", will be living in Massachusetts 


Mr. Blue, is called "Irish Thunder" and living in Texas.



Mr. Brown, is called "THOR" and lives in Connecticut.  



Mr. Green, is called "FINN" and is living in New York



Mr. Red is called "DECLAN" and he will be living in Vermont.

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