Espen and Angel

had 7 puppies on March 1st 2007

6 Boys and 1 Girl

8 1/2 Weeks Old

All the puppies will be leaving now, so this will be the last page for them. They have been very special to me and it is sad to see them go. Each one of them are going to very special homes, where I know they will be loved, spoilt and live the best lives any dog could wish for. Each family already has Newfies or has had them before. They all know about the drool, the shedding, the grooming, how quickly they grow and how BIG they get!!!


Mr. Red's call name will be "BUCK" his registered name "Kloofbear's Keeping up Appearances". He will live in Massachusetts with a doting young couple, his half brother "Chandler" (Espen x Peggy Sue) and the big white wolf "Bryce" and two cats. He has a brand new "Suburban" waiting just for him, so he can stretch out his little legs when on a road trip or going to shows ;)


Mr. Blue's name will be "POET"  his registered name "Kloofbear's Pure Poetry". He will be living in Connecticut and loved by his new Mummy, two black Newfie girls and his cousin Finn, a Landseer boy from Evja. The photo is of Jessie and Poet the first day home:)



Mr. Green  will be called "MARCUS" his registered name "Kloofbear's Winter Winds".  He will be living in New York and loved by his new Mummy and Daddy and  "Max", a 1 year old Newfoundland who will become his big brother.  He went home today in a new, big car especially bought for him and Max :)


Mr. Gold has become "POOKA"  registered name "Kloofbear's Mischievous Spirit". Pooka will live in New Jersey with his Mama and Papa and the celebrity blogger "Nanook" the newfy boy from Evja. He will look after sheep, ducks and cats, and together I am sure they will be up to a lot of mischief and keep their Mama and Papa very busy.....


Mr. Purple will be called "ESPEN JR." registered name "Kloofbear's Just Like Daddy"  He will be living in New Hampshire and loved by his new Mummy and Daddy. He will also have the job of preparing the house for a new Newfie sibling coming this summer!


Mr. White will be called "ASPEN" registered name "Kloofbear's Texas Treasure ". He will live in Texas with his new Mummy and Daddy, their 3 year old daughter Bella , a Golden called "Sunshine" and the Newfy "Emma", daughter of Sonja.


and last, but not least Miss Pink!!! Her call name will be "LULU" registered name "Kloofbear's Spare no Espense". She will be living in Pennsylvania with her new Mummy, cousin "COCO", sister of  Tara and Troy, and two Great Danes.


and Angel says: "Look after them! I loved them so ..... "