Before you buy a puppy:


A dog is a living being, that will develop and change throughout its life.

A puppy has inherited certain traits such as its working ability and mentality, that will develop according to the environment it lives in. Certain health defects are also influenced by the environment, and they may develop problems as they grow. Many of these cannot be diagnosed before a certain development and age has been reached.

Today most breeders check their breeding dogs for certain genetic defects and will only breed with dogs that have cleared the different health checks. This does not guarantee that your new puppy will never suffer from any ailment besides what is in the breeders guarantee. 

Skin problems, torn cruciate, elbow problems, eye problems, cancer or any unknown illness can suddenly occur during a dog's life. Like  human beings these developmental problems have to be treated and cared for, and can be very costly. A dog is not like a toy that you can just bring back if it does not "work", a dog is more like a child, that has to be loved and cared for as long as it lives. 

Think carefully about this before you even consider buying a puppy. A dog would hopefully be with you for the next 10 - 12 years  - and for those years you are committed to care for and love the dog.

Evelyn de Reus

Kloofbear Newfoundlands                                                                                                                                                  

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