Angel and Polo's Puppies

9 Weeks old

The Puppies are now starting to leave for their new homes, one after the other. They went to the cardiologist last week where they all checked out fine. Strong and wild, they are now ready to go to their new homes to learn some manners and have some training. It has been a very hot summer for them, but they have learnt to enjoy the pond and have all been swimming and splashing around with the fish.



and Ella meets little Miss Yellow.


Miss Pink left us before I could take new photos of her. She is living in Cape Cod, right by the ocean and will be trained to be the working dog she is supposed to be.


Mr. Lime, sweet, laid back and very loving. He will travel to California and join a household of other dogs and very excited children. Hopefully he will be the show dog he promises to be!


Mr. Green, quiet and trusting, will live with Edison's brother "Paddy"on a big farm in New York, his play friend will be his cousin, an Irish Setter and lots and lots of horses!

Mr. Purple will live on the coast of Connecticut and enjoy the ocean.

Mr. Blueboy will be called "Ozzie" and live in Massachusetts. He will also be trained for all the work the Newfoundland dog is bred for.

See the parents and the puppies pedigree.